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Fun Facts about Hockey

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Are you interested in learning more about adult hockey? Many people choose this sport as their favorite as they age and with so many perks, you might be the same way. Here we will share a few facts that you might not have otherwise known.

If you have always wanted to play in a professional tournament of hockey, adult hockey tournaments Boston MA may perfect for you. You don’t need to be Wayne Gretzky to participate in the tournament. It’s all about the fun, the skills you learn, and the character you build.

Hockey is a sport that everyone loves. It is fun to play, competitive, and brings out the best in you. Men and woman of all ages play the game, and even kids, too. This is one of the games that can teach children so very much.

One fact that you may not know is that the first goalie to score a goal in the other team’s net was a man by the name of Ron Hextall. He played for the Philadelphia Flyers. This happened in 1949.

The true history of hockey is still unknown. Many people debate when it first got its start. Some say that it started as early as the 1700s, however, others say that it wasn’t until the 1800s when Canadians developed homemade hockey sticks they could use on ice skating rinks to play the game.

The first game of hockey played indoors occurred on March 3rd 1875. This occurred at Montreal’s Victoria skating rink. The game occurred between two teams each consisting of 9 players. Most of those players were McGill University students.

Hockey is a game that we all love and now with these facts, you may love it even more! We hope that you’ve learned something new and exciting. There are many other great facts out there.  Learn them all if you can!